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Korinne & Doug Johnson

Korinne & Doug Johnson

Kim Depasquale


Kim is ecstatic to share her passion for yoga. You can find her practicing on land or at sea.  Kim is certified in Kundalini and draws inspiration from her many teachers. She is working towards her 500 hours with Shiva Rea, a mentor that she holds close to her heart. Kim’s classes aim to inspire, connect and motivate students to become aware of a connection with nature and the natural rhythm of our planet and the elements.

Elisa Roush


"As a Mother and a Practitioner, I am constantly amazed at the body's natural ability to heal itself. I believe that both my purpose and my passion are in helping my clients on their journey towards overall health and well-being.

I often say that it is a gentle process that leads toward results. By providing solid soft tissue therapy, yoga, true compassion and a sprinkling of humor along the way, I am able to help my clients experience less pain, reach a greater range of motion and feel better as the body begins its natural healing process." - Elisa

Meet the Goats

Opal, Maaaaa-nager
Opal is the brains behind this operation. She & Daisy were the first two goats here at the Krazy Hearts Farm. They showed up as Valentines Day presents and nothing has been the same since. These two are always happy & always up for fun. Opal is named for Korinne's Granny. We know Granny is thrilled!
Daisy, Herd Queen/Logo Designer
Daisy is the boss babe! In addition to being the inspiration for our name & logo, she works 24/7 keeping her little herd of goats in check. She is kind & friendly but doesn't let anyone push her around. Every time Daisy comes out of her pen she scratches her neck & chest on the ground, & of course we don't have a camera ready at the time!
Lilly, Fashion Consultant
She is impeccably turned out in her boots and black lipstick and even rocks her beard! She is friendly but a bit reserved as you might expect from a fashion icon.
Franklin, Public Relations
He has a selection of mats, soaps & decals he has collected & offers to his new friends in exchange for donations to his favorite charity. He also works hard around the farm assisting wherever and whenever he thinks he is needed. He's a big goof & tries his best to make the girls like him. Franklin is Lilly's twin brother & just refused to be left behind when we brought her home to the farm. We are so glad we listened. He is always entertaining & the first to try new treats.
Oreo, Master of Disaster
Oreo came to us when his previous pad was sold out from underneath him. His family shares him with us & we are so grateful. We are always laughing at Oreo & he takes it all in stride. Oreo gets along with everyone & while he is very curious about all going on, he prefers you just admire him for the handsome fellow he is. He tends to back away from hugs, its just his way.
Miss B & Megan
These twin girls are registered Pygmys and demonstrate quite well the typical body type of the Pygmys. They are just about as round as they are tall and care not even a little bit how we laugh at them when they run around the bar. They are super sweet and though they don't often make an appearance at class they prefer a slow yin practice when they do.
Our first full size goat, Garnet is a Nubian and was a surprise birthday present from our friends at Erinwood Sporthorses. How could we not love her! Since my birthday is in January, her name is of course Garnet. She cracks us up prancing around in her gogo boots. She is the life of the party and hates being left out of anything. When she is old enough she will be providing raw goats milks to rescues needing milk for orphaned puppies, kittens, and even horses.
Holly Berry
Holly and her wattles stole my heart from the second I met her. She is another one of our single bottle babies and 2 years later still remembers where I keep the bowl of grapes in the kitchen. Given half an opportunity she is thru the door in front of the kitchen sink waiting impatiently for her treats. Who could say no!
Penny was our first registered African Pygmy Goat. She was a bottle baby and came home when she was just 8 days old. The single ones are always a bit more spoiled. The bottle babies live in the house with the Labragoats until they are old enough for their humans to believe they can safely live in the barn as a goat should. Penny may very well be the only goat to ever have fairy hair in her beard!
Pixie was born at Krazy Hearts Farm in April 2018. She was the 3rd of triplets and her mom Penny was already busy cleaning and tending to her brother and sister. Pixie was so tiny when she was born that we don't believe Penny even realized she had another. Pixie weighed less than a pound at birth and was born in a ball still in her amniotic sac. We got her breathing and made sure mom got her all cleaned off too. When you enter our world this way, you stay.
Blueberry bunked at our place when she was expecting babies and her mom had to go out of town. We fell in love and just kind of kept her for our own. She is a Nigerian Dwarf Pygmy cross and makes most wonderful Baby Berries. Rosco, her first went to stay with a lonely goat who lost his friend. Huckleberry and Dewberry are goat yogis at Goat Yoga Northport. Gooseberry and Junebug are now helping kids learn about careers in agriculture.
Blueberry's younger sister who looks to us like she has ice cream dripping down her forehead. Flower is one of our expert assistants in classes and always knows just where our yogis need adjusting. We are super pleased she has chosen us as her people.
Ariel is a Nigerian Dward who was born with a genetic condition called parrot mouth. This makes it nearly impossible for her to nurse since the shape of her mouth prevents her from getting good suction. Her owner was a high school student in an agricultural program. She worked very hard to bottle feed Ariel. She was donated to us when she was about 6months old and proves that sharing love is not dependent on your start in life.
Since Garnet needed a friend, I decided Doug should get a present for my birthday as well. We found Sapphire at the South Florida Fair Goat Show where she won 2nd in her class. So lucky to have been chosen to bring her home. If only she could learn another word besides "Maaaaaaa." She knows we love her and is free to be her goofy self!

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