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About Us


Korinne & Doug Johnson

Why goats? Because they make me laugh, and laughter is the best medicine.

2015 was the Year of the Goat according to the Chinese New Year calendar. I sent Doug a video of an orphaned baby African Pygmy goat named Benjamin and told him that’s what I wanted for Valentines Day. We each did our research and learned goats are herd animals and do best with a friend of their own kind. Two baby goats! I had no experience and knew nothing other than they were the cutest little animals I had ever seen and I needed them in my new barn! When you have no expectations, it's easy to not be disappointed, however these little critters are more than I could have imagined. They are smart, personable, funny, sociable, adorable and love nothing more than to be around their herd and they wag their tails!!  Friends came to visit and bottle feed and we all fell in love.  As it tends to happen with animals at our place, 2 baby goats became 32 goats of different shapes and sizes and backgrounds (oops! 43 now!). The more we learned and the more friends came to visit, the more enamored we became with the animals. We might even be a bit obsessed.

In 2017, we heard of something called Goat Yoga. We have goats. We have friends. We met a yoga instructor adventurous enough to come to the farm. We tried a class and it was a hit. We hosted another one because of how much fun it was. 4 years later, we have hosted hundreds of people at our venues in Palm Beach and Broward County and have been warmly received by our new friends in the Gainesville area.

Our motto is leave the rest of the world outside the gate for a little while and join the little goats for a little yoga and a lotta laughs. We do have fun! Our classes give our clients a safe space to come and unplug for a moment.  We offer beginner friendly classes that are all about the goats and having fun. There is none of the pressure you sometimes find in a yoga studio. We have people of all ages and abilities coming to share their mornings with us.

Our goal is to bring the antics and healing laughter of our little, and big, goats to anyone who needs them. Our focus is first on our veterans. We know that animals offer healing energy and teach us to accept others as they are and just be honestly kind. We know that yoga offers a way to quiet the mind and connect to the breath and give our veterans an outlet for healing. Combing the animals with yoga will allow us to reach those people who may be resistant to yoga or uncomfortable in a formal studio type setting.

Many animal assisted therapy programs and animal assisted activities focus on patients. We all know of animals visiting hospitals and nursing homes to cheer up patients and residents. And we all know it works! Our feedback from representatives from Childrens Miracle Network and other organizations is that our caregivers need us.  The doctors and nurses that care for patients and residents; the parents and siblings who care for loved ones; the first responders who are there when we call are to be our second focus.  

Our “regular” classes which are open to the general public will be the main source of funding for our “targeted” classes.  We have also been invited to private events and corporate events promoting wellness with employees.  These will also allow us to provide services free of charge to those who need. Each of our regular classes has a limited number of free spots available to our veterans and first responders. We are honored to have you as guests at our classes. Simply use that option to reserve your spots. And thank you for allowing us to opportunity to pay you back in some small way for all you do for all of us every day.  

This has been a wild year of growth and change for us personally and for Downward Goat. In April we sold our home in Loxahatchee and moved 46 animals and 2 people to our new farm in Archer, just outside Gainesville, Florida. We were finally able to host our first class at our Archer farm on July 24, 2021!  We are still building our dreams here and are blessed to have met so many wonderful people in our new hometown. In a happy turn of events, our Palm Beach County venue believes in our mission and continues to host our classes. You Farm, in Loxahatchee is a faith based urban farm working to provide food for those less fortunate and educate children and families about farming. Erinwood is our partner farm in Western Broward County who hosts our classes using her own goats. This is all actually her fault as our very first goats came from Erinwood. She raises and shows dairy goats and has been able to incorporate other farmers into a farm share program on our yoga class days. She milks her goats, sells raw milk, and makes cheese and yogurt. She has been my mentor in all thing goat care related.  We have new partner farms in Daytona and Kissimmee who will be hosting classes again when the weather cools a bit.  We are so very blessed and excited to see whats next.

Thank you all for your support and believing in what we do.  None of it would have been possible or even imagined without you.


Meet the Goats

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