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Asking is so far outside my comfort zone. There are so very many programs and causes and people who are asking today. I give and support many friends making a difference. We need your help too. our goat yoga programs are not just a fad and an instagram photo op. We offer a safe space to leave the rest of the world outside the gate for a little while. For anyone. Our free classes are offered to our veterans, law enforcement, and first responders but we are here for anyone who needs a safe space. Your donations and paid class reservations and tshirt sales are all used to provide free classes to those who give so much to us every day. As part of our programs we are providing trauma conscious yoga training for our instructors so that we will be better able to meet you where you are. Yoga heals in a very real way. The little goats bring laughter but also bring you back to the present when the monkey chatter in the mind sneaks in. And maybe, just maybe, the little goats will be the draw someone needs to get out here and feel the benefits of yoga and nature and laughter when they otherwise wouldn’t. Every dollar helps. And today it helps twice with matching programs And if you’re curious or skeptical or incredulous or just indulging a loved one who “loves goats” come see us. We see your eye roll and raise you a giggle ☮️❤️🐐

Be Kind. Be well. Naa-aaa-maste 🐐☀️


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